Catalyst BPM Simplifies Workflow Catalyst BPM facilitates workflow and automates processes in Catalyst. BPM has been engineered with the basic applications of Catalyst. And, with this type of design, there is much more flexibility and intelligence available for automatic updates of alerts. Hyperlinks are supplied which decreases keystrokes so you can get the information required in a more efficient process. Don't let anything like quotes fall through the cracks anymore. Talk to your Account Representative today about BPM.

Attention iSupport users!

The status on your service requests will now update automatically. On any open service request you will see 3 options (buttons) at the top of the page, Request Escalation, Close Request, and Update. To escalate your service request, click Request Escalation, fill in the Escalation Reason, and click Request Escalation again. The status of the SR will be automatically updated to "Customer Escalated", and we will be notified so that we may take appropriate action. To Update a service request, scroll to the bottom of the page, add additional notes, and click Update. The status of the SR will be changed to "Customer Updated" so that support knows to respond to your updates. Additionally, you may close your own service request. To close the SR, click Close Request. This changes the status on the SR, letting us know you feel the issue is resolved. Support will add final notes to the SR and then close it.

Thank You for Attending the Epicor LBM and Wood Products User Conference 2015

We hope you enjoyed your time in San Antonio and have plans to put to work the knowledge gained from the LBM and Wood Products Conference. Thank you for your participation and making this a truly special event!

Access event resources including session presentations, collateral, and more under Downloads/LBM Event/2015 San Antonio. 

Again, thank you for joining us in San Antonio, and for making the LBM and Wood Products User Conference our best event to date!